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Annual Events in Port St Lucie, Florida

Although this is not one of the largest cities, it is one of the most lively. No way to get bored! But above all, it offers a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with what is important. Living in Port St Lucie, Florida, and participating in its annual events will bring you a lot of great values. Here are some regular plans to make you shine with happiness.

Annual Events Around Beer

The Hop Life Brewing Company, a famous place in Port St Lucie. It is both known by locals and tourists because everyone likes beer! Hop Life organizes many events throughout the year. It May, it is hosting the very special Silent Disco night. The rule is simple. Put headphones on, and enjoy your music on your own while surrounded by the people you love. Let your eyes do the talking. This event is home to disco music, but you can enjoy other music channels as well. A nice and original way to connect and have fun while sipping beer in Port St Lucie.

Eat, Sip & Shop Festival at Tradition Square

As the name suggests, Eat, Sip, and Shop is not only about drinking alcohol. During this event, enjoy:

  1. Local shops that open their doors and showcase their talent and know-how
  2. Educational resources for the youngest in the KidZone
  3. Gifts, raffles and incredible discounts not to be missed
  4. Unique opportunities to make both professional and friendly connections
  5. And above all, lots and lots of food from countless food trucks that came for this special occasion

Start each summer with your loved ones with a unique experience.


Check out Midflorida Credit Union Events Calendar

This community is very active in Florida, and especially in Port Saint Lucie. They organize various events that aim to improve local people’s lives. Some events are regular, but others might be particular to a specific period of time and occur only once. Either way, we encourage you to have a look at what they are doing. The scope of their activity is very large, and you will find something for you or your family. Here are some examples of recent events:

  • Drive-thru mobile food pantry
  • Mother-son dance
  • Memorial day service
  • Appreciation night at Clover Park

Live life in Port St Lucie and enjoy all the events this wonderful city has to offer.


Port St Lucie has wonderful annual events – check the schedule!

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