Annual Events in Vero Beach, Florida

Whether on location or on a trip, it is easy to see why USA Today has ranked Vero Beach, Florida as one of the best cities in the country.


It has a breathtaking location between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian River lagoon. It is one of the things that make this town so charming, bordered by the tranquil blue-green waters. 


We invite you to participate in the events organized each year in this dynamic and warm city.


Grant Seafood Festival


Set aside a weekend in March for this seafood festival that takes place once a year at Vero Beach. On this occasion, hundreds of artisans come to sell their fresh and tasty products. This allows you to take the delights of the festival home with you. Yet, the market is not the only attraction. There are also many activities and events for all ages. This festival is a great opportunity to go on a family outing.


The magic of the feast lies in the fact that everything is supervised by volunteers. They prepare the place and animate all the activities. They take care of the preparation and sale of the products at the food stalls. Most often, they come in whole families.


The seafood day has become a real habit in the town of Vero Beach. Make the most of it, all the more so as the entrance and parking are free!


Annual Pelican Island Wildlife Festival


As a component of the Pelican Island Wildlife Festival festivities, the Pelican Island Conservation Society and the city of Vero Beach are hosting this event together. The National Wildlife Refuge was founded by President Theodore Roosevelt himself. It’s both an engaging and instructive occasion. It champions a reason that not every person knows about. It’s a genuine eye-opener. The occasion is available to all ages. Exhibitors, showings, and sellers are largely representing considerable authority in natural life conservation. 


The Pelican Island Conservation Society has been organizing this celebration for a long time. It is a significant date for the network of Vero Beach. Particularly with the current effect of the worldwide climate change on biodiversity in Florida. The celebration is the pride of the occupants and is one of the most anticipated occasions in the area. Numerous members are customary givers. They bolster the celebration’s motivation, regardless of whether they can’t go to the occasion each year. It’s an incredible method to give back to benefit the planet.

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