Smoke Damage Repair Marathon

Smoke Damage Repair Boca Raton

Smoke Damage Repair Marathon

Rapid Restoration aims to provide quality smoke damage restoration services for your property. Our company gives off all the effort to improve in any way we can. The services we offer are famous because they are original and completely treat your area from the damage. We also have experts for repair services who are all given enough materials and tools for their work. Well, if want the best then choose Rapid Restoration for your needs.

Features of Smoke Damage Restoration Process

We give the quality smoke damage restoration services in the Fire Damage Boca Raton area. Once your home gets damages from smoke, there are a lot of things to do for a complete cleaning service. For further information about our services, here are the components of our services: 

  • Damage Survey. We examine your place to ensure the safety of everyone and make a plan for our duty.
  • Area or Room Cleaning. Our skilled men have sufficient materials and tools to clear your room. 
  • Furniture and Fixture Cleaning. Your carpets, furniture, fixtures, and other belongings are also cleaned as part of our services.
  • Odor Removal. The smoke smell in your home will be gone once we apply our deodorizing methods in your place.
  • Prevention Measures. We do not end our services with the cleanup process but we also give advises to keep your place smoke-free.




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