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Has your carpet been damaged by a flood? Leaks? Gray water? It’s essential to get it repaired right away to prevent the formation of molds and bad odor. Here’s what you need to know about carpet water damage Florida:

Restoration vs. replacement

Carpets with limited water damage can be cleaned and restored. However, those that have been soaked in gray water for long and in large proportions are better off replaced. Still, the carpets can be cleaned and kept by the owner.

Anyway, water damage isn’t the end of your carpets’ life. With proper remediation, sanitation, and restoration, we can bring back its pre-damaged quality.

Types of carpet water damage FL

Gray water

Gray or dirty water will damage your carpets more than clean water will do. Still, your carpet can still be restored, but take note that the time window is a crucial factor here. You should call a water damage restoration FL service right way before gray water turns black and before the bad odor develops.

Within 24 to 48 hours, gray water will become black water. The likes of bacteria and fungus will start to grow, thus damaging your carpet even more.

Take note that gray water doesn’t always have to be gray or have a bad odor. Clean water that’s been contaminated by other chemicals or has been exposed to a chronically ill person will be categorized as gray.

Clean water

Clean water usually comes from spills and leaks from pipes. After a few hours, clean water can turn into non-potable, but not gray water yet. Non-potable water damage is when it’s already mixed with contaminants like chemicals, soap, hair, metals, cooking oil, and more.

It will take up to 48 hours before clean water becomes gray water. If you use biodegradable soap and detergents prior to the damage, you can borrow more time.

How to clean water damaged carpets

Depending on the situation of the damage, you may need to dry it out before the restoration contractor arrives. In some cases when mold is present, it’s best not to touch the carpet and let black mold removal experts do the job. This will prevent the spores from going airborne.

If you don’t have prior experience of fixing water damaged carpets, it’s best to call the experts.

Carpet Water Damage? Call Rapid Restoration!

Rapid Restoration is the expert when it comes to anything related to water and fire damage. From molds, flood, hurricane, leaks, and more, we can remediate any water problem in your household.

Drying down

We have advanced equipment to suck out the water from your carpets and rugs. Also, we will dry down the soaked area to ensure that molds won’t grow on your floor.

Restoration and cleaning

After removing the excess moisture, we will restore and clean the carpets. In cases where the damage is limited, we can fully restore the carpet so you can use it like before. However, if the damage has been extensive, we will advise for a replacement if restoration will be less efficient.


After fixing the carpet water damage Florida, we will dehumidify the place to remove any lingering moisture.

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