mold remediation cocoa

Mold Remediation Cocoa

mold remediation cocoa

Remove Mold With our Experts

There is a mold that is easy to clean up by ourselves especially those that see. But most serious mold need an expert to do it. First, we must conduct a Mold Inspection. Those properties who experience water damage that they do it by themselves. And without knowing there still moist and water left inside the walls. For this reason, after a few days of stock, the mold starts to develop and worse if not notice they will create bad smells that will harm the health of people in the house or the business area. We at Rapid Restoration Fla. is the local mold remediation Cocoa and the near surrounding cities. We have a complete mold remediation certification from IICRC the largest field in the industry. As an expert in removing all kinds of mold that built in your home, we have complete material and equipment.

How do we work?

During mold remediation, our Cocoa expert team has equipped with safety clothes as they perform in inspecting the kind of mold affecting your property. In this way, they will not be affected by the bad cause of the mold in their health. After we asses the kind of mold and how serious are they, we use a different way to remove it.

Wet Vacuum - This kind of equipment able to absorb all kinds of mold instantly.

Damp Wipe - This process is a fungicidal solution that uses healthful mold removal.

HEPA vacuum - For the final process, we use this kind of vacuum to clean up completely without any trace of mold.

Our trained workers are licensed to assess the kind of mold affecting your property that we will give you information. After the assessment, our workers will start to remove the mold with the latest mold removal equipment and materials.

Why Choose Us?

For many years of service in this industry, our proof of customers satisfaction will make them choose our service. In addition, with our license, insurance, and certification we take pride to serve you.

Mostly, people do mold removal on their own because it is only an easy way to do but they do not realize that it will cause their health. Especially, if the mold causes a bad smell in the air. Another reason why they do not call an expert because of the mold remediation cost is expensive. However, our company offers a cost effective solution for mold removal.

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