Mold Inspection Cocoa

Mold Inspection Cocoa

mold remediation expert

Rapid Restoration Fla. The cocoa service center is one of the local mold remediation expert of South Florida. With Licensed and certification we are proud of our honest and affordable mold removal service. With many years of service, we experience a lot of mold situation. That we are able to satisfy our customer with the result that we did for them. We take pride of our workers because they treat our customer with respect and as a family. So the result of their work is excellent.

If you think that you have mold in your home but can’t see it call our professional mold removal. Usually, the mold is hiding under the carpet, inside walls, and inside air ducts. With the use of the latest tools, our team will able to locate it and give mold removal process on how to remove the mold. Also, we will tell you the extent of the damage to your property because of the mold build in your home. Our mold remediation expert has complete experience and knowledge in this area. They are certified by IICRC the largest field in the industry. With all the details information that we gave you we will advise if it needed to clean or remove.

Our workers are on call for any emergency service so if you call for immediate action we are ready to help you.


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