fire damage cleaning cost

Fire Damage Costs Daytona Beach

fire damage cleaning cost

Do you seek a service company estimating fire damage costs fairly? Then we might be the one you are looking for. The management of Rapid Restoration established a general fire damage cleaning cost rate applicable for any case. Despite our affordable prices, we do maintain the quality of our services for your satisfaction.

Components of your Fire Damage Cleaning Cost:

If you want to know more details about our fire damage Daytona Beach restoration rates, we consider these factors in our charges:

  • Fire Source - Some fires can damage badly compared to others. Knowing this, we include the source in our computation since it dictates the class of fire created.
  • Coverage of Affected Area - Another component of your bill is the space needed to repair.
  • Length of Time - Your costs might increase when you let more damage occur if you do not call for repair as early as possible.
  • Materials of your Possessions - This depends on the price of your materials in the market.
  • Location of your Property - Our charges also include our transportation.
  • Remake Expenses - The main component of your bill is our services and the new furniture we provide for you.
  • Water Restoration (if needed) - We also repair water damage in your place.
  • Mold Removal (if needed) - Mold  Formation? No problem, because we can exterminate them for you as well.



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