Control Humidity For Good Health

The amount of water in the air is known as humidity. Humidity is the percentage of water Anywhere from 30 to 50% is the optimum level for humidity. Several harmful organisms thrive from humidity and cause allergies to flare. Humidity allows the growth of mites and mold. lowering the humidity level helps prevent mites and mold from thriving. Mites and mold are very common allergens. Both can prove harmful and toxic to the human body, especially mold.When soil in greenhouses to humid and damp, the soils surface may grow grey mold.

Low humidity, is unhealthy for plants and humans as well. Low humidity may cause static Electricity,dry mouth,dry hair and skin.

Here are some cost effective and easy ways that lower humidity:

Monitor Your Indoor Humidity With a Hydrometer

Purchasing a hygrometer is a good way to monitor your indoor humidity level. Hydrometers may be placed in any indoor room where humidity needs to be controlled,including but not limited to closets, greenhouses and garages. Hydrometers are used to measure the amount of humidity found in the air.Hydrometers may be purchased from most hardware stores or big box stores like Walmart.Most hydrometers have a thermostat. It is important to control indoor temperature.Very high temperatures cause humidity to rise too high. When indoor temperatures rise to high fungi starts growing. Fungi like mildew and mold not only grow from high humidity but also from low humidity. Keeping humidity at the recommended level of 30 to 50% helps prevent mildew and mold from growing.

Rock Salt

Drill holes in the bottom and on the sides of a five pound bucket. Put the bucket on top of another bucket, and then pour rock salt into the bucket. The rock salt will pull and collect moisture from the air. Moisture will seep into the rock salt and form liquid in the bottom bucket. Simply dump liquid and replace the rock salt if humidification is still necessary.

Damp Rid

Damp Rid may be used to lower humidity in your greenhouse or home. Damp Rid absorbs moisture and hardens and forms a solid mass. Damp Rid can easily be found in most building supply stores like Home Depot.To use simply place it on a flat and shallow surface. Once moisture is absorbed and it has turned hard remove it. Replace Damp Rid as needed.

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