mold and mildew

Differences Between Mold and Mildew

Cause of mold and mildew to your health

Are you well aware of the fact that 80% of asthma patients suffer due to dampened walls and mold exposure? On the other hand, mildew is a usual fungus that comes generally in white or grey colour. These are harmless in nature. Mildew on ceiling is not a big deal.

How to differentiate mold from mildew?

The easiest way to identify mold and mildew is by their colour. If you notice carefully the mildew fungus comes in grey and white colour, whereas the mold comes in black, yellow and green. You can easily notice the black mold symptoms.

Usual types of mold

Some of the commonly found molds are Alternaria, Aspergillus, Cladosporium, Penicillium and black mold. These different molds have different features and nature. Some of these grow in low humidity whereas the others just the opposite. However, if you consider their characteristics thoroughly, you can easily realize the black mold symptoms.


How to confirm mold in your house?

You can identify mold just by following three steps such as Visual inspection, infrared inspection, and air-quality test. Visual inspection is a process in which a licensed inspector inspects your house and informs you about the mold if any. Infrared inspection is cost-effective and it can identify the types of mold. In the end, Air quality test tells you about the black mold symptoms. If the air is toxic, then yes, your dampened walls and ceilings are generating black mold.


Removal of mold and mildew

Removal of mildew is far easier than mold removal port st lucie. In fact, you should focus on ceasing the growth of black mold. Both the mold and mildew grows with the help of stored moisture. However, you must pay attention to these and take action accordingly. Black mold grows faster than mildew on ceilings or walls. But you must restrict rapid mold growth even if you need to pay for that operation.  

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