Does homeowners insurance cover mold restoration?

Homeowners’ insurance policies are not clear and explicit about mold. It can be difficult to know if mold damage will be all covered if covered at all. In principle, insurance companies refuse to cover this type of damage. Exceptions occur when mold is the result of a compensable event. This article covers these different situations.

No matter if your insurance covers the mold damage or not, the latter should be immediately treated. Rapid Restoration is here to help. Are you looking for mold remediation? Would you like a mold inspection for your home? Or are you wondering how to identify mold? Whatever your situation is, get in touch with experts.

When Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Mold Restoration in Port St Lucie?

The insurance covers mold restoration in Port St Lucie only when it results from a covered risk. Conventional policies, for example, cover you against water damage. This can include a burst pipe or a leak caused by a broken air conditioner. If mold grows as a result of these incidents, you can file a claim. The removal of the mold will then be part of the accident.

Situations covered:

  • Your heating system breaks down. Water leaks and contributes to the formation of mold on the walls.
  • A fire breaks out in your home. The fire brigade intervenes and the water they use to extinguish the flames causes mold to grow.

When Does Homeowners Insurance Exclude Coverage for Mold Restoration in Port St Lucie?

Most of the time, a simple mold restoration in Port St Lucie is not refunded. You may live in a very humid environment and it is difficult to maintain your property all the time. But your insurer will tell you that mold is the result of your own negligence.

Sometimes, this might be true. Even if this is not your intention, we are not always informed enough about home maintenance. For example, you may notice a minor leak but do nothing about it. Over time this leak could get worse and the consequences could be terrible.

There is also another reason why your insurer will refuse to reimburse you. If you file your claim weeks after the leak appeared, it will be too late. Your insurer will claim that you didn’t act in time and that it’s your fault.

Flooding is a special case. This risk is now excluded from your home insurance policy. If you have taken out an independent flood insurance policy, the damage will be of course covered. Subscribe to it if your area is prone to frequent flooding.

Best Mold Restoration in Port St Lucie

Rapid Restoration specializes in mold restoration in Port St Lucie. They remediate mold infestation and contamination from your home or any other building. Their services include:

  1. Effective, free mold inspection
  2. Affordable mold removal protocol 
  3. Friendly staff that will explain how to remove mold
  4. Easy-to-understand mold treatment
  5. Mold damage restoration

Need any of the services above? Or something that was not listed? Call the 24/7 hotline at 866-606-0157.

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