Electronics & Equipment

Water and fire damage causes harm to your electronics & equipment. Water and fire also contaminates your electronics and equipment. In order to restore electronics and equipment one needs to know what they are doing so not to cause further irreplaceable damage to the item. With such a restoration, it is best to have a trained professional handle your restoration.

What Kinds of Contamination Can Be Removed?


• Soot

• Deposits from chemical vapors such as hydrochloric acid & smoke

• Water deposits such as sludge, mud, & lime

• Chemical extinguishing powder residue

• Pollutants such as operational & environmental etc.

Restoration of Damaged Electronics

A professional will look over your electronics and decide if your items meet the restoration criteria. The restorer will do an evaluation to check for what kind of damage has been done. After the item has be evaluated an action plan will be determined and set in place. A professionals goal is to get your items restored as quickly, carefully and efficiently as possible. As soon as circuit boards metal parts have water contact they start to corrode. For really wet electronics & equipment placing items in a drying oven or drying room may be necessary. Once dry your restoration technician will use specific chemicals to get rid of sludge, mud & lime.

Five Step Cleaning Process:

• Disassemble everything including circuit boards so that every component is accessible.

• Decontaminate each individual part with care.

• Test item visually and chemically to make sure cleaning process is successful.

• When needed apply protective coatings

• Reassemble everything

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