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Factors that Affect the Cost of Water Damage

Water damage

Water damage costs can get really expensive if not addressed early on. The cost to dry out water damage will depend on some factors, including the location and extent of the damage. A proper inspection will give you a rough estimate of how much you’re going to spend on the repairs. Most of all, you have to understand some factors that may affect your insurance claim and deductible.

Here are some of the factors that have a direct impact on the water damage insurance cost.

Location of the damage

If the water damage is located in an accessible part of your home, the water mitigation cost will be less. However, if it’s on a hidden part, say your crawlspace, you’ll have to shoulder a bigger deductible.

Also, if the damage requires that the contractor open your walls, the cost will be much higher. The more parts that need to be replaced, the bigger your final bill will be.

The amount of reconstruction and the area of the damage will directly impact the cost of the repairs. This is why it’s best to have an inspection conducted regularly to arrest any potential leaks or problematic pipes.

The extent of the water damage

It’s a no-brainer that cleaning a small area is more affordable than having to dry up an entire basement. Also, if the water damage is on your walls, the extent of damage would be much bigger, especially if it went unnoticed for months.

Usually, water damage in the basement and crawlspaces are large since it’s not easy to see. Only when the water starts to seep into a more visible area that the homeowner will know that something is wrong. By that time, the damage has expanded to a very expensive extent.

Type of water damage

When we talk about the type of water damage, we’re referring to the consistency of the water that damaged the area. If it’s water from the dishwasher, it’s usually cleaner and easier to mediate.

It’s a whole different story if you’re dealing with gray water or those that came from the sewerage system. This will require a special pump, disinfection, and deodorization. These extra steps also mean you’re going to pay extra money.

Water with a higher level of contaminants will take longer to clean, thus the higher cost.  Aside from that, the mediation contractor will have to bring special equipment for the cleanup.

Cost of labor and materials

The mitigation water damage cost is directly related to the cost of labor and materials within your area. If you have a home theater on your basement that got flooded, it will cost a lot to fix.

Aside from that, if there are no local manufacturers of construction materials within your area, the repairs will also cost more. Apart from that, the repair contractor may suggest that they install water-proofing materials. It may cost more, but it’s just a one-time upfront payment.

Final words

The cost to dry out water damage will vary based on various factors. The good thing here is that you can always file for a qualified claim so you won’t have to shoulder all the expenses.

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