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You may be anxious to clean your home after a fire, but unless you take the time to get professional advice, you may be wasting your efforts or creating further damage. Contact Rapid Restoration immediately once the fire is out. We will provide advice on restoration or replacement of damaged items. If you rent, notify the owner so both of you can assess the damage with your mitigation team.

Rapid Restoration's team of professional fire restorers can prevent further damage, Fire, Smoke and Soot Restoration in Port St Lucie, Floridahelp determine which items can or cannot be refurbished, and provide estimates and services for thoroughly cleaning and deodorizing your home or business. The cost for restoration is usually substantially less than the cost of replacing damaged furnishings and structures.

Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification
Read why a professional should be consulted for removal of soot
and smoke particles from a structure after a fire.

Removing Soot from Household Textiles

Soot is oily and easily stains carpets, draperies and other household textiles. For this reason your team of Rapid Restoration restorers remove it first and foremost. Always before we attempt to clean or deodorize items. Our professional restorer’s will remove most soot with a heavy-duty HEPA vacuum.

Removing Smoke Odor from Textiles

Smoke odor may remain in clothing, upholstered furniture, carpets and draperies unless they are properly deodorized before cleaning. It may be necessary to sometimes use an ozone treatment to break up smoke molecules and eliminate odors. If the process is done in the home, items are put under a tent while an ozone generator is operating.

Cleaning Furnishings and Clothing

After deodorizing, it’s time to clean household textiles. Your Rapid Restoration restorer’s take non-washable clothing and draperies to a dry cleaning plant for traditional dry cleaning or a special cleaning process.The restoration crew also wash’s regular clothing in warm water with a liquid detergent. Several launderings are usually needed.

We clean carpets after repairs. Wet carpets must be dried before cleaning. In some cases, removal of carpet is necessary for complete drying and to save the wood floor beneath.

Cleaning Soot Stains from Walls

Your team of Rapid Restoration certified restorer’s uses a wide array of restorative cleaning techniques to clean soot off walls. We use non-water-based cleaners to wipe down walls and in extreme cases chemical sponges are used.

Removing Smoke Odor From The Home

During a fire, smoke can permeate walls and other porous surfaces also effecting HVAC ductwork, where it becomes trapped. If not properly removed, smoke odor will remain, especially during warm or damp weather.

Your team of Rapid Restoration professional restorers apply odor neutralizing solutions by means of “thermal fogging.” This warm chemical fog penetrates your porous materials and walls just as the smoke did, neutralizing the odor as it sets in.

Rapid Restoration restorers remove all smoke odors from ducts. We use a chemical sealer to secure smoke permanently to the sides of ducts since these areas, with their joints and crevices, may be difficult to clean with our conventional vacuum-and-brush methods.

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