fire damage restoration costs

Fire Damage Costs Fort Lauderdale

fire damage restoration costs

If you came here since you are concerned with our fire damage restoration costs, then we can help you. Rapid Restoration established a model of fire damage cleanup cost so that everyone will be charged fairly.  We wanted to make our customers pleased with our services, and that includes our reasonable pricing. We received requests from customers who have limited fire damage in their area. But on the other hand, there are unfortunate ones that experienced greater damage With these varying inquiries, our company made criteria for our fire damage Fort Lauderdale restoration costs.

Components of your Fire Damage Cleaning Cost:

Here are the things we view to compute for your bill:

  • Fire Source - Some fires can damage different materials greatly according to their source, so we consider the source of the incident.
  • Coverage of Affected Area - There will be more effort and materials needed with a wider area of damage, so it influences your expenses too. 
  • Length of Time - Some customers let some time pass before availing our services, which may boost our charges due to enhanced time damage.
  • Materials of your Possessions - We handle everything for your convenience, and that involves buying new materials for your place.
  • Location of your Property - Commute costs of our workers are also in your bill.
  • Remake Expenses - Our services and provided furniture makes up most of our charges.
  • Water Restoration (if needed) - The workers we deploy also knows how to treat water formation damage.
  • Mold Removal (if needed) - We can also treat your mold infestations to complete our services to you. 



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