mold remediation fort lauderdale

Mold Remediation Fort Lauderdale

mold remediation fort lauderdale

Remove Mold With Our Expert

We know how messy and how hard it is to have mold in our home and how it will affect our health. As well as, our property. We at Rapid Restoration Fla. is expert in helping you to remove all kinds of mold big or small. Our company is the local mold remediation Fort Lauderdale that is trusted by all the community and the near surrounding city. We have a complete mold remediation certification from the largest field in the industry, the IICRC. And our good standing mold remediation license from the state of Florida.

How do we work?

Because of different kinds of mold affecting our property their mold that is not harmed in our health. However, there is a mold that will affect our respiratory system such cause is asthma. To avoid this to happen in this worse scenario, better to call. Upon our arrival we do the following process:

Wet Vacuum - We use this kind of vacuum to absorbed remaining water in the affected area.

Damp Wipe - We use this damp wipe with a fungicidal solution to remove the mold and properly clean the affected area.

HEPA vacuum - This high-grade equipment we use to finalize our work to remove the mold effectively as if it didn’t happen.

With all of the experience and knowledge that we have, we can prove that we are expert in this industry. As well as, all other restoration services. We take pride in our workers who work diligently and honestly.

Why Choose Us?

Besides the above quality that we have, our service also offers cheap mold remediation cost that will surely afford by all the family. As well as, in the business area. To experience our service call us any time of the day 24/7 a week. We also offer emergency restoration services.

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