Have Any Hurricanes Hit Port St Lucie, Fl?

It is a tropical cyclone of extraordinary violence. But it is not the biggest cyclone; some extra-tropical storms are more widespread. It’s not the fiercest; tornadoes are more intense. But on a large scale, it is the most destructive storm in strength and extent. It causes huge tidal surges and strong winds uproot trees and tear roofs off houses.


To create a hurricane, it takes 3 things that the Tropics can provide:

  1. A build-up of heat
  2. An accumulation of moisture
  3. An absence of wind aloft

We can compare a hurricane to a huge machine. It converts heat from the tropical oceans and atmosphere into wind and waves. Port St Lucia is a city particularly suited to this kind of event. It has been unfortunately hit by several hurricanes in the past.  The most devastating was hurricane Dorian.


Need help during a Hurricane? St. Lucie County’s Emergency Operations Hotline is 772-460-4357. After the hurricane damage, please contact Rapid Restoration at 888-438-1226.


What Happens When a Hurricane Hits?


Around the hurricane, the precipitation is not evenly distributed. Rather, it comes in bands, in the form of spirals, which are much more numerous on the front right side. But it is not possible to measure the largest amounts of rainfall during a hurricane. Tornadoes often form on the right side of the hurricane track as it makes landfall.


Winds exceed 73 mph per hour and can reach 167 mph with gusts to 217 mph. On the periphery, they gust to less than 18 mph. Their speed increases as you approach the storm. They are turning counter-clockwise in the northern hemisphere and heading towards the center.


What Kind of Damage is Caused by a Hurricane?


Hurricanes that hit the coast can create high, powerful waves and tornadoes. They then create a lot of damage and flooding! Climate change will increase the frequency and intensity of these hurricanes.


The consequences of hurricanes are direct at first. It is the strong winds and waves that create the most damage. Despite this, the indirect consequences are as important:

  • Power outages
  • Debris on streets and roads

Those situations slow or stop the health and transportation systems. Relief efforts are thus difficult under these conditions.


Deaths are most often caused by:

  • Drowning
  • Heart problems
  • Injuries
  • Electrocution
  • Fires
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning

Who Restores Property After Hurricane Damage?


Rapid Restoration’s continuous training program will dry your property super fast. We use the latest technological advancements and the more experienced technicians in Florida.


We service both residential and commercial properties for all types of water damage. Including flood damage or roof damage. You can rest assured. Our technicians will handle your emergency to your satisfaction. They are courteous, fast, and very responsive.


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