History Of Port St Lucie, Florida

The population of Port St Lucie started growing in the 1960s when it was then colonized by the Spanish. These once uninhabited lands became an important commercial hub. History has left a significant legacy. Today, Port St Lucie, Florida, is a thriving city. Its size has tripled in the space of 10 years. Today, Port St. Lucie is not a fragile and developing community anymore. The city has grown to one of the most thriving cities in the state of Florida.

When was Port St Lucie, Fl established?

At the beginning of the 20th century, Port St Lucie was almost all uninhabited. I said almost because it was possible to find:

  • A fishing camp
  • A few farms
  • A very small number of companies

We can locate the beginning of the development of the city in the 1960s. A loan of half a billion dollars was then granted to the city of Port St Lucie. Who was that generous? The General Development Cooperation. Why? The purpose of this loan was to encourage and promote the development of a community. This was without surprise done very fast. From that moment, the city was all colonized and the economy developed through trade.

How did Port St Lucie, Fl get its name?

The name Saint Lucie comes from the Spanish Santa Lucia. Why would an American city take a Spanish name? Only because they established a colony on these lands in the 16th century. At that time, the Spaniards built the fort that gave birth to the Roman Catholic feast of Saint Lucia. The Anglo-Saxon version of the city’s name was not adopted until the beginning of the 20th century.

Is there a port in Port St Lucie, Fl?

As mentioned above, Port St Lucie has been able to develop with the support of the General Development Corporation. In the 1960s, it was the largest land development corporation in the state. This company implemented a marketing plan for the city of Port St Lucie. A large port was part of the planned investments. That was the main element. So what happened? The big corporation filed for bankruptcy in 1991. But the idea of the port remained ingrained in people’s minds.

A Treasure Coast history – Port Saint Lucie

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