History of Vero Beach, Florida

Referring to the discoveries made in the area in 1915, Vero Beach has long been a good place to live! Those studies uncovered a human skull dating from the Neolithic period, i.e. between 11 and 14,000 years ago compared to today.


As for the first permanent European settlement, it can be found in the current Indian River Lagoon area and dates back to 1872.


Vero Beach, Florida was incorporated in 1919. It is the seat of Indian River County (1825). Today, it is home to just over 15,000 permanent residents, the vast majority of whom are Caucasian. The construction in 1951 of the Barber Bridge allowed the town to develop along the oceanfront. It soon became a small and pleasant seaside resort. The bridge was replaced in 1995 by the Merrill P. Barber Bridge and in 1965 by the A1A Bridge. It is linking the mainland to the barrier islands


Here are a few places where you can go to immerse yourself deeply in the city’s history.


McLarty Treasure Museum


Most visitors associate the coast of Florida with warm water and perfect waves. But during storms on the open sea, the Atlantic can turn into an epic ball of destruction. It has devastated ships and boats since the dawn of time.


At the beginning of the 18th century, a major storm sank a large part of the Spanish fleet. Along with the ships and crew, untold amounts of gold and silver also went to the bottom.


The story of the treasure hunters who seek to find and recover these precious metals is long, twisted, and almost surreal. There is no better place to discover it all than the McLarty Treasure Museum.


Hallstrom Farm


Hallstrom Farm was a pineapple farm cultivated by Scandinavian immigrants in 1890. Now, it is one of the best-preserved examples of the pioneer home and farm. It is offering visitors an interesting glimpse into the lives and occupations of these generous people who settled the area at a time when it was wild and dangerous.


The farm is managed by the Indian River County Historical Society. It covers approximately five acres. The collection includes:

  • Furniture and household items
  • Photographs
  • Personal memorabilia
  • Testimonials from the family who worked on the plot

It is located on the Old Dixie Highway SW and most clients spend between one and two hours on site.

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