How to Repair a Fire-Damaged House?

Fire is one of the worst scenarios that can happen. The fight against the natural force is unpredictable. This is both an immediate threat to life and health. It is as well as the loss of all belongings and your property in only a few moments.

Why Do House Fires Start?

Nature has little contribution to the fire. Long-lasting draughts are a good example. But the most common causes of fires are those caused by human activity. It may be intentional or unintentional:

  1. Falling asleep with a smoldering cigarette or throwing it when it’s still burning.
  2. Leaving your kids without surveillance.
  3. Failure of electrical installations repaired or modified by an inexperienced person
  4. Improper use of heating devices such as fireplaces, radiators, and stoves.
  5. Leaving electrical appliances on, especially those not suitable for continuous operation.
  6. Careless renovation work, especially welding and grinding.
  7. Storing flammable substances near heat and fire sources.

How Do I Repair My House From Fire?

Repairing your house requires professional fire damage restoration. But there are some things that might be useful after such an event occurs on your property:

  • Limit damage

In case of water damage, dry it out as fast as possible. It will reduce the risk of mold. When you dispose of soaked items, be sure to take pictures of them for claims. Don’t make any permanent repairs until you’ve talked to your insurer. Also, don’t get in if the smoke odor is too big as it may be toxic.

  • Ask the claims adjuster your questions

In the event of a claim, the Insurer appoints a claims adjuster who will guide you through the claim process. He will investigate the cause of the claim. He will also estimate the damages, and negotiate a settlement.

  • Choose your service provider

You are free to choose the contractor who will do the repairs. You must discuss the matter with your claims adjuster to agree on the terms of the settlement. Insurers can also suggest suppliers with whom they already have agreements.

  • Prepare your statement

In the event of a claim, you are responsible for proving your losses. You should have an inventory of your belongings with as much proof of possession as possible. This includes invoices, photos, and manufacturer’s warranties. Keep receipts for expenses incurred as a result of the loss. Those could be all reimbursed as living expenses.

Who Restores Fire Damage in Port St Lucie?

If you have experienced a fire, please rest assured. Rapid Restoration will walk you through the process. We will restore your home and personal contents to a pre-loss. Sometimes even better than the pre-loss condition.

The fire itself is not destructive enough. Its repercussions do not stop once firefighters extinguish the blaze. Chemical reactions, acidic smoke, and soot damage are far more dangerous. They are the cause of the burning of common household synthetics. Especially when combined with water from the firemen’s hose. They make possessions unsalvageable within a few days only.

We respond fast and apply scientifically-proven interventions. This enables us to halt and sometimes even reverse the effects of this damage as well as fire odor. We clean and repair your home or business from the ground up. We take special care to get rid of fire odors. We reclaim important documents and possessions whenever possible.

We are experts in the area of insurance claims. We will walk you with ease through what could be a very difficult and stressful process.

Need help after fire damage in Port St Lucie and smoke damage? Get in touch today through our 24/7 hotline at 888-438-1226.

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