professional mold removal

Mold Testing Key West

professional mold removal

Florida is prone to mold because of being a tropical island. We at Rapid Restoration Fla. is your professional mold removal and other related services. Mold Remediation Key West offered mold testing to identify what kind of mold you may have in your home. There is a mold that is not dangerous but still it not good for the condition on your home. Our professional mold removal remediation expert will get a sample of the mold in your home to test in our laboratory. Whatever kind of molds that you have you still need to have them get rid of your home. While we still have it in testing our expert will clean up your home from mold


Through mold removal process we clean up and sanitize your home to make sure it will not come back in your home. We also made air testing to check how your air affected by the mold because it will also affect badly in our body. Our Key west service center is your trusted mold removal in your area. With complete tools and equipment to give a total service. Don’t hesitate to call us we are ready any time to serve you and give you some advice for any ways to keep your home from molds.

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