Fire Damage Costs

Fire Damage Costs Orlando

Fire Damage Costs

There are many cases of fire damage from different customers. Each has its considerations to determine the right price for them. Rapid Restoration created a fire damage costs standard so that we can give fair pricing for everyone. 

Components of your Fire Damage Cleaning Costs:

For your knowledge, we give a consistent pricing rate to our customers. To prove this, here are the things we regard for your bill:

  • Fire Source - Flames vary depending on the source. Each type of flame has its traits that determine the amount of damage it can give.
  • Coverage of Affected Area - The more area of damage, the greater the costs we might charge you.
  • Length of Time - It is natural for burned materials to deteriorate over time so it may add up to our effort and cost you more.
  • Materials of your Possessions - The materials used in your property has definite pricing in the market and it affects your bill.
  • Location of your Property - Our transport outlays add up your costs.
  • Remake Expenses - New furniture and our team’s labor also makes up our charges.
  • Water Restoration (if needed) - There are cases that water damage properties to kill the flame.



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