fire damage restoration

Fire Damage Restoration Pompano Beach

fire damage restoration

Did your fireplace burn a part of your living room? Did an oven accident scorch your whole kitchen? Whether you have a lighter fire incident or worse, you will need quality fire damage and restoration services for your property. With Rapid Restoration, we can bring back your original and even better than the former. Our company made criteria for our fire damage restorations cost. We want to assure our customers that we give reasonable prices.

Fire Damage Restoration Steps

Provided that you want to more about our repair services, here are our uniform fire damage restorations steps:

First Step. Assurance of Safety. Our team will scan your property to know potential harm if any.

Second Step. Cleaning of Soot and Debris. Your burned belongings made soot and debris. Fire Damage Pompano Beach experts know how to clean these things properly.

Third Step. Further Damage Prevention. The expert services we avoid more damage to your place with our repair. We make take practices to avoid further harm.

Fourth Step. Removal of Water and Moist Formation. You or firefighters may have used water or other materials to stop the flame. We know the right thing to do in these cases.

Fifth Step. Deodorizing, Deep Cleaning, and Stain Removal. Our company has professional cleaners and sets out enough materials and equipment to sanitize your place.

Sixth Step. Disposal of Too Damaged Possessions. We have skilled men who can detect things that are not restorable anymore.

Seventh Step. Final Cleaning and Restoration. Rapid Restoration guarantees complete fire damage services to your area.


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