soot damage restoration

Soot Damage Repair Port St Lucie

soot damage restoration

Is your home near to an industrial area? Does your property has soot formations in its structure? In case you have soot problems in your home, Rapid Restoration has soot damage restoration services. Our company has skilled workers with the newest equipment so they can give you the quality services you deserve.

Soot Damage Cleanup Method

Soot accumulation can damage your home and your things since it has acidic materials. By any chance you are interested with our services, the following are our soot damage cleanup method:

First Step. Safety Guarantee. Our workmen will secure the safety of everyone before they begin their cleaning.

Second Step. Improving Area Ventilation. Your area needs proper ventilation to remove soots. Fire Damage Port St Lucie will open your windows and any opening of your area. When there is too much soot in your area, we will use the HVAC system.

Third Step. Soot Vacuuming. After creating proper airing in your room, we will vacuum the remaining soot.

Fourth Step. Deep Cleaning and Deodorizing. We will also give cleaning and deodorizing services to your area.

Fifth Step. Recovery of Damaged Possessions. Our professional repairmen can identify and fix your damaged belongings.

Sixth Step. Final Cleaning. Rapid Restoration goes beyond your expectations so we want to make sure that everything is in order.

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