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MOLD! Not something a property owner is excited about. The truth is, black mold is dangerous. It takes a professional mold remediation company like Rapid Restoration to remove mold fast In Port Saint Lucie, Jay – COO of Rapid Restoration – regularly assists property owners in restoring assets to pre mold conditions. There is a lot of confusion with Mold and the different types of mold found in a resident. Black Mold damage restoration should be left to the professionals, let’s discuss the popular topics:

Port St Lucie Mold RemovalCan you remove Black Mold yourself?

Do you know all about mold? Not many do. So, can you actually remove black mold by yourself? It depends on what kind of mold is being discussed. There is a huge difference between mold and mildew. Getting rid of toxic black mold that grows in dark, moist locations should never be removed by an inexperienced homeowner. Mold confinements are created in order to contain the spread of mold spores. If you simply tear into the wall, the spores will spread and the task will grow exponentially over time. Addressing the full mold growth is ideal for long term prevention that it grows back! So, it is highly recommended that you do not remove by yourself in Port St Lucie, and to call Jay and his veteran operated team at Rapid Restoration!

Is Bleach or Vinegar better to kill mold?

Mold caused by water damage is not simply going to go away because you sprinkle some bleach on it. Black mold does not care if you spray vinegar on it. Mold in your property will continue to grow if conditions are ideal. The only way to remove the mold in your house is to call Rapid Restoration. Most mold damage restoration jobs are completed through your homeowner’s insurance so hiring the qualified mold remediation company is vital!

What kills black mold?

Sunlight. Removing black mold from its growth area. Fixing the source of moisture leak. Repairing the property to Pre Mold conditions. These are the only way you are truly going to eliminate black mold growth in a structure. This process should not be done by amateurs. Mold remediation in Port St Lucie should only be completed by professional mold removal companies like Rapid Restoration! Can you see why it is so vital to hire an expert? Dealing with black mold alone could result in the mold actually spreading. So, who do you turn to in Port St Lucie?

Who can remove mold in Port Saint Lucie?

Jay, Rapid Restoration, is the man to call in Port Saint Lucie mold remediation situations. Rapid Restoration is a veteran-owned & operated business serving St Lucie County for several decades. if you suspect that you might have gained mold growth due to water damage, call immediately. Water damage restoration is the ideal way to prevent black mold growth. Sometimes, you might not even know that you have mold growing, it is essential to call Rapid Jay for your free mold inspection and fast water damage restoration!

Mold Removal Port St Lucie 

If you are seeking mold damage restoration in Port Saint Lucie, call Rapid Jay – Rapid Restoration – veteran owned & operated. Rapid Jay will ensure your mold removal will be handled with diligence and filed properly with property insurance. Technicians standing by in case of a water damage emergency. Vigilance is the best measure against black mold growth! Call Rapid Jay today!

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