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Water Damage Restoration- Who Needs It?

South Florida is the home of many things. In the land of palm trees and ocean air, south Floridians are also very much aware of their risk for weathering hurricanes, flooding, and severe storms. Living in paradise comes with a hefty risk of the potential for water damage. Water damage can occur due to a variety of causes. Old roofs needing repair or possibly damaged from storms can leak water for months without being noticed. Storms can blow through damaging roofs and siding, allowing water to seep into a home. Pipes can leak or burst and wreak havoc on our homes. Water damage affects everything from walls and floors to property and family heirlooms. No home is safe, but the majority of homes are repairable.  Water damage restoration experts can help. Living in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, residents should understand what to look for in a water clean-up service and who to call when stress levels are high. 

Need water damage restoration? Call Rapid Restoration!

As the population of Port St Lucie rises, so will the number of water damage cases. It is extremely important for homeowners in the PSL area to hire licensed contractors! Insurance will not pay out for the cost of water damage repairs if the contractor does not have the proper paperwork. Rapid Restoration Flood Fire Mold is licensed, insured, and the go-to water damage restoration company in Port St Lucie, Florida!

Why have professional help for water damage clean-up?

There are two words that strike fear into the hearts of many homeowners- rot and mold. When water saturates our homes, it gets absorbed. It settles into carpets, wood floors, drywall, insulation, ceilings, and attics. Once that happens, the seed has been planted for problems to get worse. The saturated areas must be professionally cleaned and dried as quickly as possible. Water damage is not simply the water getting into the home, it’s caused by water settling in places where it should not be.

  • Mold damage – leaking water surely leads to mold damage; mold damage can have extensive remediation if not treated immediately.
  • Rot – water seeping into window cills and foundations can cause rot – structural integrity
  • Ceiling Damage – a roof protects us from most of the water in the environment, but sometimes roofs do leak – possible to see ceiling damage with leaky roofs
  • Carpet Damage – if there is water on the carpet, most likely have water damage from the ground
  • Drywall Damage – extensive drywall removal will be needed with water damage restoration 
  • Baseboard Damage – when a baseboard gets wet, it warps. Testing the moisture of baseboard will identify possible water damage

If one believes there might be water damage in a home, immediately contact Rapid Restoration for a free In-Home Moisture Test. Testing the relative humidity at the property will give vital information about the moisture in a suspected area. Telltale signs help Rapid Restoration treat the situation.

Trust a veteran-owned small business! Rapid Restoration takes massive pride in serving the Port St Lucie Florida community. If one may suspect water damage, mold damage, wood rot, ceiling damage, carpet damage, drywall damage, or even have warping baseboards, call Rapid Restoration Flood Fire Mold immediately!

Witnessing discoloration in the ceiling? Might be water damage.

When water finds its way into the property, it will start to cause a discoloration in the ceiling, walls, and possibly even the carpet! The discoloration is a distinct identifier that a home may be a victim of water damage. Sometimes, these symptoms are ignored or hidden from visibility. 

As soon as signs are discovered, call Rapid Restoration. Even with the first sign of discoloration appearing on the ceiling, the problem can be substantial. Our water damage experts will respond immediately and help remedy the concern. Water damage can spread fast and mold growth is right around the corner.

South Florida is a prime habit for the growth of mold. Water damage has been proven to produce mold in the ideal conditions of Florida’s climate. Rapid Restoration can address the water damage and begin the mold removal immediately- if it had reached that point! The sooner Rapid Restoration is contacted, the better!

Hiring the best full-service damage restoration company will ensure a smooth project. Trust is hard to give to South Florida contractors, especially water damage restoration companies. Rapid Restoration has been Port St Lucie’s hometown choice for three decades with a fast and honest response. These times can be challenging navigating insurance. Fortunately, Jay Sanderson, COO of Rapid Restoration, is going to be with the property owner throughout this entire process.  

Rapid Restoration Flood Fire Mold – Port St Lucie’s Trusted Restoration 

Rapid Restoration of South Florida is a veteran-owned and operated small business since 1990. With roots in Port Saint Lucie, Rapid is the trusted water damage restoration company on the Treasure Coast. Mold has a rapid growth rate, but Rapid Restoration gives the most rapid water damage restoration in Port Saint Lucie! 

Jay Sanderson 

Rapid Restoration Water Fire Mold

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