Catastrophic Storm Response

Plan ahead

Put together an emergency bag with the following:

• First aid kit

• bottled water

• non perishable food

• clothing

• flashlights

• batteries

• back up cell phone

• cell charger/quick charge device

• hygiene products

• road maps

• battery operated radio

• Emergency cash

If you have children or pets pack accordingly. In a safe dry place with quick easy access

to you,have important documents like birth certificates,social security cards, passports/IDs,medical information, and contact information (ie phone numbers and addresses) . Have a set plan for where you can go in an emergency. Make sure your vehicle has plenty of gas, especially if you live in an area known for catastrophic storms/emergencies. When there is a storm warning, bring any thing that's not anchored indoors so it can't blow away. Unplug electronics and appliances. Prepare for possible power outage and make sure freezer and refrigerator are set to maximum and kept closed as much as possible so food wont spoil as quick. Close up all hurricane shutters, doors, and windows.

How can disaster cleanup and restoration crews help?

After a catastrophic storm disaster and restoration crews can help in many ways. Here are some ways they can assist you:

• Clean up storm debris

• Water extraction

• Roof repair

• Stabilize home structure

• Board up windows and doors

How Can You Help The Clean Up And Restoration Crew?

While waiting for the crew to arrive there are a few but important things you should do.

• Turn off gas to your home

• Turn off water

• Turn off electrical breaker

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