Unattended Death Cleaning in Port St Lucie

The natural death of people who live alone and whose bodies are discovered sometime after the event is unfortunately quite common. This is called an unattended death. A situation in which days or months may pass until a family member or neighbor notices the person is gone. In the most serious cases, they can be detected by body odor. It will require more thorough cleaning.

After such an event, a house can become contaminated with blood or body fluids. Sometimes even property damage. Rapid Restoration is here to help! Our professionals in the cleaning of the scene following an unattended death understand the difficulty of your situation. They are caring and compassionate in the execution of their work.

The loss of a family member or loved one is a difficult time for any person or family. Often, critical decisions after death, such as cleaning up, can be difficult. We are proud of the fact that we are the most knowledgeable group of professional cleaners you will find anywhere in the state of Florida.


How is Cleaning up After Death Different From Typical Cleanup?

Premature death refers to an individual who dies without anyone else. Cleaning up after an unattended death includes the removal, cleaning, and disinfection of:

  • Blood
  • Body fluids
  • Other potentially dangerous pathogens

Those are found in contaminated areas after a person has died, whether that death is due to:

  • Natural causes
  • Suicide
  • Illness
  • Accident

Because of the high risk of exposure to blood-borne pathogens, unattended cleaning of deaths is a specialized service. It requires professional blood cleaners with appropriate:

  • Training
  • Equipment
  • Certification
  • Protocol

That is why, when faced with an unattended crime scene, you should contact the professionals at Rapid Restoration!

Unattended Death Professional Cleaning

Unfortunately, death is not always peaceful and the scene of a death is not always clean and easy to clean. The emotional stress for the victim’s family makes suicide clean-up work more suitable for a certified crime scene clean-up technician. A technician understands the sensitivity of the situation. But he or she is not emotionally involved. A professional can therefore properly and legally clean up biohazardous waste and possibly infectious diseases.

Rapid Restoration technicians respond quickly in the event of suicide or death. They understand the sensitivity and work discreetly to protect the confidentiality of the victim and their family. Our technicians clean, decontaminate, remove, and properly dispose of all potentially infectious furniture. They always restore the scene to its original state.

Unattended Death Cleaning Process

At Rapid Restoration, we offer an exclusive, totally confidential, and quality cleaning service. After obtaining the corresponding authorization in case of traumatic death. Our cleaning professionals will begin to:

  • apply different treatments
  • specific cleaning products
  • actions that will make the property impeccable

Completely remove blood residues and leave the space and the furniture and objects in the house unpolluted. In general, the work is described below:

  1. Empty the property. We can get rid of all property that has been affected by the event. Or we can clean them completely for later use. In case of removal, we always leave them in a clean place, respecting the regulations.
  2. Removal of biological remains. We have experts in the removal of blood or any other biological residue. Ensuring their complete disappearance through subsequent cleaning.
  3. Cleaning with specific products. Our company has special products for different types of cleaning of death. Materials for the exclusive use of professionals that ensure an impeccable finish.

If necessary, Rapid Restoration can issue a certificate. The latter is attesting that the cleaning has been carried out in the house. As well as the health conditions it complies with after our cleaning services.


The Rapid Restoration Team

An unattended death is perhaps one of the most difficult crimes or suicide scenes to clean up. We understand the difficulty of the situation. Our technicians are compassionate, respectful, and sympathetic. They understand that the victim mattered to others. They know what the family is going through. They do everything possible to clean up the scene as quickly and quietly as possible.

We also train our technicians in crime scene protocol and procedure. Our technicians understand the sensitivity involved in an unassisted death. When dealing with the consequences of an event like this, using a professional cleaning company gives you time to focus on important things. Those might include arranging for the burial and bereavement of your loved one.

Our professionals must comply with the requirements of the authorities. They wait for the corresponding investigation to be carried out. They collaborate with the police if the situation arises to find possible evidence while doing the cleaning. It should be noted that this type of traumatic cleaning requires more precision and care. This is important not to destroy in any way the evidence of the crime. However, once the case is solved, our job is to get the property back to normal as quickly as possible.

Get in Touch!

The death of a family member or a loved one is never easy. But if you add that it happened in a traumatic way, the situation can be very unpleasant. In cases where there is an urgent need for special cleaning after death, the services we offer can be very helpful. At Rapid Restoration, we have professionals who specialize in the cleaning of deaths. We work with complete confidentiality and speed.

In these difficult times, you need a specialized professional cleaning company. Rapid Restoration can take care of the situation. This way, you can leave the cleaning in our hands with the guarantee of a good result. You can also contact us at any time. We are at your disposal 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. We aim at providing you with an exceptional cleaning service when you need it.

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