Mold Remediation Vero Beach

Mold Remediation Vero Beach

Remove Mold With Our Expert

As you call our company Vero Beach Experts are happy to serve and able to meet your needs by answering some of our questions. So that when we come to your property we already know what to do and as fast as we can. Thus, we are mold remediation Vero Beach and other near surrounding cities.

How Do We Work?

Hence, with the process that we do, it is a sure thing that we do our work properly.

Wet Vacuum - we use this to remove all water in your property even to the hardest reach by normal vacuum.

Damp Wipe - After cleaning up the property we use a fungicidal solution to wipe to all the affected area.

HEPA Vacuum - after dry of the solution we use another air vacuum to finalize our work. To make sure that the property is free from any germs and virus that will affect our health.

With the above methods of cleaning and application of products, we give assurance to the owner that their home is safe and clean.

Why Choose Us?

Rapid Restoration Fla.has mold remediation certification that proves our works effective and correct. The service is not measured on the cost of the service but the quality of the work. We offer mold remediation cost affordable to our valued customer because we know if we meet their expectation we will keep them. And not only they will recommend us to their family and friends. This what happened to our company.

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