mold remediation average cost

Cost of Mold Remediation Vero Beach

mold remediation average cost

Rapid Restoration does not only focus on the enhancement of its services but also to make its services accessible. Our company maintained the mold remediation the average cost of our services at the normal level for our customers. Mold Remediation Vero Beach do this even though we improved our service methods, continuously train our workers, and invest in modern equipment. 

Do you seek a service company estimating mold remediation average cost fairly? It is the main goal of our management to provide quality but affordable services. That is why we made a system of mold remediation cost calculator to give fair charges to our customers. Each mold service we give has its separate rates. In case you want to know more, here are the services we offer and its cost description:

Mold Testing

Swab Testing. Mold Remediation Vero Beach do this inexpensive test without the use of too meticulous tools and equipment. The only pricy part of this test is the lab process.

Air Cell Testing. Compared to the former test, this one is more expensive since we need to use scrupulous tools to collect samples. The air gathered from your home undergoes special lab tests as well making its price greater. 

Swab Testing and Air Cell Testing. In case you want to have an overall test of your home, you should avail of both tests. Though it is more expensive than having one, we can more accurately judge your home for mold infestations.

Mold Inspection

For Mold Inspection, we perform similar procedures for both household and commercial examination requests. Our price changes depending on the area you want us to check. The structure of your house concerning hidden areas and unreachable places.  

Mold Removal

Our costs vary depending on these factors:

  • Mold Testing and/or Inspection. You may refer to the previous services for this.
  • Mold Area. The size of your mold infestation affects your bill.
  • Location of the Mold. We consider the accessibility of the mold.
  • Place of Residence. Our transportation expenses also increase our charges.
  • Professional Removal Labor. The methods we do, materials, equipment, and workers.
  • House Damage Repair. Some molds can damage the structure of your home.
  • Mold Prevention. We can offer defense measures for your property too.


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