mold removal services

Mold Removal Vero Beach

mold removal services

You should not let invasive species of molds in your home to spread since it can cost you more. These molds can damage your home which will require you to have both mold removal services and house repair services. In addition to these, molds can negatively affect the health of everyone in the area of infestation. No one wants to acquire these, right? Then, you should call for mold removal services for your place. Rapid Restoration is the right mold removal company for your infestation issues.

Why Choose Us?

Our company serves great mold removal to its customers. Why is that true? The management of the company advances its services in all ways possible. Our mold removal process improved ever since the beginning due to our experience of service. Mold Remediation Vero Beach have capable workers since all of them enter the proper training and seminars for their work. The materials and equipment we have are the best in the business. You wouldn’t find anything else from our services since we will provide everything to you.

Mold Removal Process

If you want to know how we do our job, here the things we do in our services:

  • Mold Remediation Vero Beach will survey your area to create a plan and choose the right methods for the job. Our team also secures the place from any hazard for the safety of everyone.
  • Once we prepared everything, our workers will fill the place with negative air pressure HEPA (high-efficiency pressurized air) so the spores wouldn’t scatter anywhere else.
  • Then, we will apply EPA-registered antimicrobial solutions to exterminate mold spores.
  • After killing the mold, we will take off the affected surfaces in your place.
  • Our services also include the disposal of molds and influenced materials.
  • The team will also repair the damaged area.
  • We will also dehumidify your home which is one of the agents of mold infestation.
  • Later on, our team will grind available dead loose mold.
  • The application of EPA-registered protective sealer is also included in our services.
  • Since we want to give great services, we will make sure that everything is done.
  • Lastly, we can now clear containment materials in your area.


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