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Rapid Restoration is one of the excellent mold testing companies in the industry. If mold testing kits aren’t enough to guarantee the absence of mold formation in your place, then we can help. Mold Remediation Vero Beach offers what these kits don’t. Our trials are highly accurate compared to testing kits and other services because we always improve our services. Why settle to doubtful tests? Just go directly to trustworthy mold testing services like us to remove your worries.


Why Choose Us?

Like we mentioned earlier, our company enhances its services, and we do it in every way we know. First is our methods, our mold testing companies procedures are proven fast and accurate to give you quality services. Second is that our materials, tools, and equipment are all the latest ones in the market. Lastly, Mold Remediation Vero Beach have expert workers who can do the job properly and safely. Every employee we have is capable because we periodically have training and seminars for them.


Well, in case you the best mold testing services out there, then Rapid Restoration can give it to you.

Mold Testing Methods

You, our clients, are free to choose any mold test you want for your home. Though each has different accuracy levels, all of them are dependable enough compared to other methods and brands. Supposing you do not know what is best for your place, then we can recommend what fits for your case. 

For your reference, here are the mold testing means we offer:

Swab Testing. Our men will gather surface samples from your home. We choose potential locations in your home, but we can do it in all places depending on your preference. Then, we can bring them to our lab for tests. 

Air Cell Testing. For this test, we will collect air inside the rooms of your place. We use special tools to gather them, and we will bring it to our lab for trials.

Swab Testing and Air Cell Testing. We can also perform both for you when you want to ensure the authenticity of the results.

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