Did you suffer water damage? To help you cope with minor or major water damage, Rapid Restoration is here to help. You can count on the experience of our technicians to solve your problem as fast as possible and get you back to dry conditions. 


Experiencing Water Damage? We Have the Solution


Following water damage, restoration work is necessary. Rapid Restoration is able to offer you a more complete work solution. A solution that covers all building trades. We are the single point of contact that manages the entire project. We ensure that you are given personalized service. From the study of the premises to the delivery of the restoration work. 


Thoroughly Tested and Executed Water Damage Interventions


Water damage can be massive. Imagine a bathtub overflowing without you noticing it, or a pipe breaking while we are away. Or imagine more insidious damage, such as:

  • Underground leaks that are difficult to detect
  • Slow leaks in sanitary facilities
  • Infiltration in the facade or roof

Rapid Restoration’s consulting technicians are able to:

  • carry out non-destructive leak detection
  • repair the leak
  • carry out all necessary work following water damage

To guarantee your peace of mind and the smooth running of the intervention, a clear procedure has been established.


Our Services


In the event of water damage, Rapid Restoration offers you a complete follow-up, from the detection of the leak to the restoration of your home.


Emergency and Safety:

  1. Non-destructive leak detection 
  2. Precautionary measures
  3. Safety and clogging


  1. Leak repair
  2. Drainage
  3. Regular moisture measurement


  1. Paint and wallpaper 
  2. Tiles/ceiling 
  3. Floor/wall coverings, parquet flooring


The Strengths of Our Company


Rapid Restoration manages and coordinates all the trades required for your work.

  • Our constant availability thanks to our 24/7 contact center.
  • Our experience allows us to develop our organization and our reactivity to intervene at our customers’ premises within very short deadlines. This applies to urgent repairs as well as random renovations.
  • Our multi-service and multi-trade offer. Whatever your problem and its degree of urgency, we will provide you with the service and professionals you need.  
  • Our proximity and customer-centric organization. All our technical consultants are equipped with a computer terminal. It receives and edits interventions in real-time. All our consulting technicians and partner companies are committed to a quality control process. We want to best meet the expectations of our customers.


Our Commitments


In order to meet the requirements of its clients as closely as possible, Rapid Restoration is committed to putting in place the systems, procedures, and resources necessary to carry out its missions.


Integrated and Respected Procedures


Rapid Restoration is committed to deploying and integrating all of your procedures into its information systems. We are training our employees and stakeholders in their proper application. We are also implementing compliance control systems.


Precise Management and Monitoring

Precise and regular reporting is carried out. Depending on the client, it includes various indicators such as:

  • Deadlines
  • Business volume
  • Average costs
  • Complaint rates


Commitments in Terms of Costs, Deadlines, and Quality

  • To respect and ensure that the building standards are respected by all stakeholders.
  • To bring complete satisfaction to our clients and their beneficiaries. We do this through quality service and performance, with total customer care. From the opening to the acceptance of the work.
  • To reduce the time of management of a claim file and to respect the intervention deadlines and quality criteria.
  • To control the average costs: our quantity surveyors regularly check estimates. They currently carry out more than 85% of our estimates.
  • To ensure the monthly follow-up and animation of these indicators with our quantity surveyors and our craftsmen.


Destructive Water Leakage: What to Do Before Our Technicians Arrive?

Like many small everyday worries, destructive water leakage doesn’t just happen to others. Always sudden, it requires quick and, if possible, cold-blooded action.


Before your Rapid Restoration technicians arrive on the scene, you can limit the consequences of the water leak. And you must react fast. Especially if you live in an apartment or if the leak comes from a pipe or drain in an upstairs bathroom.


Turn Off the Electricity


The very first reflex is to cut off the electricity. Especially if the leak is significant. Why? Because water is likely to reach electrical outlets. But even before cutting off the power, make sure you never touch any barefoot electrical source. Also, do not lean on a metal support, as this is a conductor of electricity.


Turn Off the Central Water Supply Tap


Then, if the water leakage is small, you can, for example, wrap a cloth or mop around the leakage area if it is obvious to you. This simple action already prevents water from spilling into the room. However, if the leak is massive and no makeshift “plugging” is effective, the only reflex to have is to turn the central water supply tap clockwise. In order not to waste time finding it, it is recommended to know its location before a domestic disaster occurs. In a detached house, this tap is usually located on the ground floor. This can be either in the garage or garden, under a metal or concrete manhole. In an apartment, this stopcock is sometimes placed in the kitchen or in the toilet.


Get in Touch With the Rapid Restoration Team!


Once these steps have been completed, you can then try to locate the source of the water leak. If you are able to do this, you will be able to give directions to the technicians. This will accelerate the start of the intervention as they will be able to get straight to the source. If not, do not worry. It is our job to find the source of the leak. Finally, remember to file a claim with your insurance company for water damage.


If you are confronted with a water leak of any nature, get in touch with Rapid Restoration as soon as possible. You have the guarantee of an efficient and prompt intervention.

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