mold remediation average cost

Cost of Mold Remediation Wellington

mold remediation average cost

Rapid Restoration created a standard for mold remediation cost estimate to promote fairness to its customers. Our company did this since aside from enhancing the quality of services we offer, we want to charge properly. Though we have great service methods, experienced workers, and advanced equipment, Mold Remediation Wellington keep our mold remediation average cost leveled. Since our aim is the satisfaction of our customers, then we want them to receive reasonable prices too.

Mold Testing

Swab Testing. Using our latest materials and tools, we will collect specimens in your area and test these in our lab. The simple methods we do in this test make it the cheapest among our mold testing services.

Air Cell Testing. In comparison to the first method, we use more particular procedures to do this test. We use more expensive materials and tools, and do more complicated tests for this test. That is why it is more pricy, but it is more accurate.

Swab Testing and Air Cell Testing. For more accurate findings, our workers can do both in the same location. 

Mold Inspection

In case you want us to examine your home from mold formations, we can do our mold inspection for you. Our team can manage small to large-scale requests for both residential and commercial customers. We offer mold remediation average cost that will surely meet your budget or even less. The factors of your bill are mainly the area of service and structure of the building.

Mold Removal

Our mold remediation charges depend on these:

  • Mold Testing and/or Inspection. If you availed both tests and removal from us.
  • Mold Area. The mold size and coverage increase your bill.
  • Location of the Mold. Some molds may be hard to reach that need more equipment.
  • Place of Residence. Traveling costs also add up to our charges
  • Professional Removal Labor. This includes our materials, tools, and workpeople.
  • House Damage Repair. Your home may have suffered damage from molds.
  • Mold Prevention. To complete our services, we also do some methods to avoid molds to infest your place.



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