mold removal and prevention

Mold Removal Wellington

mold removal and prevention

Rapid Restoration gives both mold removal and prevention services to its customers. Our company wants to prevent you from further damage both in your property and your health. Invasive species of molds can harm the structure of home which can lead to the wreckage. While their spores can negatively affect your respiratory system which can cause allergies or even asthma. In case you want to prevent these from happening, call us now.

Why Choose Us?

Our company has been improving in any way possible in its mold removal and prevention services. The management of the company made reliable and quick mold removal procedures for its customers. Whereas, the workers entered training and workshops to do their job properly. All of them also received enough materials, tools, and equipment like mold removal spray for their work. 

Mold Removal Process 

Do you want to know how we do our services, the following are our removal method:

  • Our team will ensure the safety of everyone with proper area examination. With this, they can also make an operational plan for you.
  • The first step is invasion prevention. Our HEPA (high-efficiency pressurized air) machine will fill your area with negative air pressure so that spores wouldn’t escape the room.
  • While we maintain this air pressure, our workers will use EPA-registered antimicrobial solutions to eliminate present spores.
  • Once the mold spores are gone, our workers will detach the affected surfaces.
  • Mold Remediation Wellington will take away these surfaces with molds from your place.
  • Then, our team will fix the mold damages.
  • Our workers will also regulate the humidity of your place.
  • In the case of dead loose molds left, we will remove them for you.
  • For prevention, our team will use EPA-registered protective sealer.
  • After these, our workers will check if everything is in order.
  • Finally, we will remove our containment materials in your property.


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