mold testing cost

Mold Testing Wellington

mold testing cost

Do you feel like you need mold testing at home? Whether it is at your workplace or your property, Rapid Restoration can check mold concentration anywhere. Sometimes certain signs tell us that we need mold tests for our places. These indications can be related to your health like allergies or weakening structure of a part of your home. Molds can be harmful to you and your home. So if you want to check your home from a mold infestation, call us, and we will respond to you.


Why Choose Us?


Rapid Restoration receives high ratings from our customers. Do you want to know why? It implies that they like our mold testing services. Mold Remediation Wellington are proud of this since we enhance our services in many ways. Our company improved in many ways, from our reinforced methods, qualified workers, and advanced materials tools, and equipment. The services we offer are also known for reasonable mold testing cost.  


Well, in case you want the best mold testing services with affordable mold testing cost out there, then Rapid Restoration can give it to you.


Mold Testing Methods


Our clients are free to select from any mold testing methods we offer. You can choose anything you want since, despite different accuracy levels, all of them are competing against other brands. In case you want to know more, the following are the services we have:


Swab Testing. The mold testing team will collect multiple samples from different locations in your place. You can pick the places for us or you can let us find potential mold areas. Then, we will bring these in our labs for examination. 


Air Cell Testing. In terms of air cell tests, we will gather air samples from your home using our special tools. We will determine the situation of your home in our lab. 


Swab Testing and Air Cell Testing. Some customers prefer more accurate results so we can perform both tests in one property.


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