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We thought that removing mold is just as easy as wiping it with a wet cloth. But we do not realize that it will come back without proper cleaning. We at Rapid Restoration Fla. a mold remediation Weston of all the community and the near surrounding cities. With proper training we keep our workers to be knowledgeable and experience in this service and other restoration services that we offer. So you can trust that our workers can do their job correctly.

How Do We Work

We follow a process to make sure that we solve your mold problem.

Wet Vacuum - Upon arrival, we use this equipment to finally know that there is no more water in the property that will cause germs and virus.

Damp Wipe - With the use of fungicidal solution we stop any growth of any germs and virus that will give harm to your health.

HEPA Vacuum - This is the final equipment that we use, to make sure that all the water, mold, and other dirt is surely gone. And the place is surely free from any harmful works of mold.

Why Choose Us?

Weston experts take pride in our achievement for being in the industry for so many years. We gain the trust of our customer because they are the one who recommends us to their family and friends. In addition, we have mold remediation certification given by IICRC the largest field in the industry. As well as, we offer cheap mold remediation cost especially to our valued customer.

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