mold remediation average costs

Cost of Mold Remediation Weston

mold remediation average costs

Rapid Restoration provides overall mold remediation services to its customers. From mold testing, inspection, and removal, our company will handle them all for you. Mold Remediation Weston wouldn’t just settle for mediocre services since we aim for the best to our customers. The management enhances its methods of service, mold experts, materials, tools, and equipment. However, despite these efforts, the mold remediation average costs of the company remains affordable. In addition to this, we want to charge fairly, so we considered these in our mold remediation calculator.

Mold Testing

Swab Testing. This test is the cheapest among our services, but we still maintain high accuracy with our quality materials and equipment.

Air Cell Testing. Among our mold testing methods, this one has an average cost since it uses more sophisticated procedures. However, it has more accurate data than the first one.

Swab Testing and Air Cell Testing. You can also have both tests, but it may cost you more. Although you can have a very precise result from these trials.

Mold Inspection

For mold inspection, the price mainly depends on the size of the building you requested and the complexity of its structure. We have our standard procedures in all cases. But, if you do not like some of its features, we can remove them for you making your bill smaller. We have great service methods, experienced workers, and advanced equipment, we keep our mold remediation average costs leveled.

Mold Removal

In terms of our mold removal services, here are the things we regard:

  • Mold Testing and/or Inspection. We incorporate your test or inspection services too.
  • Mold Area. The amount of mold exterminated affects your costs.
  • Location of the Mold. Removing molds in hard to reach places are more expensive.
  • Place of Residence. We also add up the transportation expenses we have.
  • Professional Removal Labor. You’ll also pay for our workers, materials, and equipment
  • House Damage Repair. Our repair services also increase your bill.
  • Mold Prevention. The measures we did so you can avoid further damage influences our charges.




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