mold removal services

Mold Removal Weston

mold removal services

Rapid Restoration gives quality mold removal services to its customers. Do you learn that you need mold removal services or remediation from mold inspection services? Then we can immediately exterminate them for you. We do not want these molds to inflict damage to your home and especially to your health. That is why we will do our best to remove your mold infestations for your benefit.


Why Choose Us?


Mold Remediation Weston can effectively annihilate your mold formations and prevent them from coming back for a while. Through our constantly updated mold removal procedures, we can promise that you will not worry about molds anymore. Our company also have skilled workers who can apply our methods properly. They also have effectual materials and equipment for their job. With all these, you can relax while we remove molds in your home. 


In addition to this, we have inexpensive mold removal costs so you wouldn’t need to spend too much with us.


Mold Removal Process 


The following is the most effective version of our mold removal service:


  • The first thing our workers would do is to observe your place. With this data, they can prevent hazards and make a plan of action for your request.
  • We do not want molds to spread out after our operation so we will apply our HEPA (high-efficiency pressurized air) to make negative air pressure in the area.
  • Using our EPA-registered antimicrobial solutions, we will kill the mold spores in your place.
  • Once we destroyed the mold spores in your home, we can remove the affected surfaces.
  • Then, we will dispose of the molds and afflicted materials.
  • Our services also include repair of the damaged surfaces.
  • Dehumidifying your home is one way to prevent more molds, so we will do it for you.
  • We will remove leftover loose mold in your area.
  • Another way to prevent mold is the use of our EPA-registered protective sealer.
  • Our team will make sure that we have done our job well in your place.
  • When we ensured that everything is done, we will pack everything up so you can enjoy your mold-free home.


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