mold testing companies

Mold Testing Weston

mold testing companies

If you want the best mold testing companies in your area, then Rapid Restoration is the right one for you. Whenever you want to check existing mold formations or spore count in your home, then you can trust us. Our company has reliable lab trial results to correctly assess the risk of mold formation in your place. 

Why Choose Us?

Rapid Restoration is proud of its services due to the efforts exerted by its management to improve in many ways. Mold Remediation Weston have revised our mold testing methods to hasten and increase the efficiency of our works for our customers. Our company enhances the skills of its workers through training and seminars. They also have sufficient materials and equipment for their work. Despite these, we kept our mold testing cost in a reasonable range for our customers.

Well, in case you the best mold testing companies service out there, then Rapid Restoration can give it to you.

Mold Testing Methods

You can pick any approach you prefer to find out the mold and spore population in your home. All of our methods have high precision, so you can trust any of them despite their difference in accuracy. If you want to know the details of our services, continue reading below.

Swab Testing. For each selected room, we will assemble samples for our lab tests. Though this one has the least conviction in the least, it is still high compared to other services.

Air Cell Testing. With the use of our sophisticated tools, we will collect air samples from many areas in your home. Then, we will check these in our lab for mold and spore count. It has average accuracy compared to all of our services.

Swab Testing and Air Cell Testing. Some customers prefer the highest precision as possible so we can do both tests for more reliable results.

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