water damage repair

Ceiling Water Damage Weston

water damage repair

One of the major problems of ceiling water damage is a broken water pipe both at home and in the business area. We at Rapid Restoration Fla. licensed by the State of Florida for home water damage service. As well as, the business water damage repair. Our workers certified by IICRC to perform home and business water damage repair in all the community of Weston. As well as, the surrounding city. We understand the condition of having a ceiling water damage and worse it will affect the electric wires. That will cause an electrical hazard which will have more damage and involve a large amount of money.

With the latest tools and equipment, our workers are expert in cleaning. And restoring the ceiling without affecting the electric wires. With the use of the infrared cameras, we will trace the part of the ceiling that has water. And then we will proceed to secure the items, like personal things, and other items and property. After that, we will proceed to dry the area with our dehumidifier equipment. And then proceeds to the sanitation and odor control of the whole place. Our workers are expert in performing all the latest tools and equipment because they are well-trained and have the knowledge to do it.

Water Damage Weston encourage our customers to keep our number on their phone. So they can easily contact us in case this situation arises in their home or business. Our workers are ready any time of the day 24/7 a week because this can harm seriously. With our water damage, house repair costs are not expensive because what important the most is to satisfy the customer and keep them. They will be the one will recommend us to their family and friends. This is the same with our business customers. We take care of our customer by building a good relationship with them.


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