Home water damage

Water Damage Repair Weston

Home water damage

Do you have a water damage problem that causes your home in danger of damage and property lost? Don’t be afraid Rapid Restoration Fla. is here to help to restore your property in no time. We have licensed by the State of Florida and certification from IICRC the largest field in the industry. Our workers are well-trained and experience in cleaning and restoring the property from water damage both home and business area. With years in the industry, we keep our standing in good rate from our customers. Our focus is customer service satisfaction able to meet all their needs. By keeping our focus we gain the trust of our customers by recommending us to their family and friends. With our water damage repair service, we have complete knowledge as well as tools and equipment. We are able to fix any home water damage in no time.

Our workers follow a process so that everything properly searched and done. After our assessment on the damage of our customer's property, we use tools and equipment to clean up. First, we use water extraction to remove all the water on the area and then we check all the furniture and other items. We label them such as serious damage (if any), not damage and other labels according to the conditions of the items. Then we use an infrared camera to search if there is still water in another close area like walls. Then we proceed to dry out the property.

With all of this process that we do we make sure that everything properly done without any trace of water and moist. That may cause mold in a few days, so we sanitized the place to make sure of zero molds. If you have any needs for water damage restoration we are happy to serve. Water Damage Weston offer low water damage house repair cost and also free estimate on the project. Our workers are expert in dealing with water damage repair both at home and in the business area. They earn their certification and licensed through training and more experience in the field.

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